Friday, October 30, 2009

10 31 and 7

Where on earth did October go? This is usually not one of those months that fly by, but I'm looking at the end of the month tomorrow and it still feels kinda like September.

What's been keeping me busy? Windows 7 has taken a lot of my free time this week. Between helping Dad upgrade his and upgrading mine, it's been a pretty time consuming process. Especially since I had to do a clean install. The OS is just as smooth as you hear on TV. I may post a review of 7, but I think I've been using it so long, I would miss worthy details.

Halloween has crept on us, and we're ready to hand out candy. Sadly with Janine working, we didn't decorate the way we wanted to this year. We did some decorating this year. Well, Janine did some decorating this year, and did a really good job. You can see the entrance to our house below. Spooooky! Next year, we'll make up the lack of spirit (oh, a pun) by spending Halloween in Disney World on Halloween for our honeymoon. That will be magical.

As the weather gets cooler, my old nemesis has arrived. I'm once again confronted by fallen leaves. With some help, I'm hoping to conquer this problem early and often this fall saving me from spending an entire year cleaning them up. I may have been losing the war, but I may win this battle. Maybe.

It's pretty much full speed ahead otherwise. We're staring down another holiday season which means we need to map out travel, set a budget, make a list, and check it twice. I'm not planning on forgetting this holiday though. Happy Halloween. Be safe out there, kids.