Monday, December 28, 2009

Worst Customer Service 2009 - Richmond, VA

I have done some quick best of posts, now for a worst of post. This relates to my customer service posts recently as well.

Here's a short list of local establishments that have rude customer service:
  • Ukrops - Across from Va Center Commons. One of their managers finds no problem of wrongly accusing someone of writing bad checks. Is it any wonder Ukrops will be no more? They did themselves in. I would consider shopping there again when the management at that store offers an apology for falsely accusing someone dear to me of wrongdoing. It would just be more the same at Giant or whatever they will become.
  • Sears Outlet - Despite every attempt of regional managers trying to make things right with me, I will never do business there again. The manager at the store would not even give me his name when I needed to address a serious problem with my lawnmower. Until he apologizes to me personally, I recommend no one shop at that store. Other Sears stores are fine, but I've been wronged by that outlet and their manager needs to be reminded daily what a rude sorry excuse for a man he really is.
  • Applebee's - I'm yet to have a decent experience at any store in Richmond. I don't even want an apology. I feel stupid enough for eating at their establishments in the first place. Their reputation of sorry service will continue to proceed them. It's a shame too.
  • Kroger - Brook Road. Today. Cashier declared loudly that she was working the 15 item aisle. I purchased 16 items, and it even states that on the receipt. I've already filed three high level complaints with the regional manager of that store and await to see if they own up to their rude and bigoted cashier.

So the biggest losers this year goes to most anyone working customer service in Richmond, Virginia. I don't even have any reservations of saying most people either. This has become a rude town. I honestly have always dealt with people here who act as if they would rather stab out their own eyes than provide me a service they get paid to preform. It's rare and almost a cause for celebration anytime we do get decent service around here. I can't even count the times on one hand I've received decent service, and as a life long customer service rep, I notice!

So, to the lady that works 3rd shift at the WalMart on Brook Road. Thank you. You are a rare phenomenon in this town indeed. Again, I say thank you.

It's not all bad, but come on, Richmond, try to be nice. And be aware because now I'm going to make the life of any rude customer service rep in town a walking hell. I'm going to talk to managers, then their managers and then their managers. I'm going to use the leverage I have in social media. I will blog, I will mention names, I'll even take their pictures.

I'm going to encourage others in town to use their leverage as well. If you don't want to work and deal with people, fine, the sanitation industry is for you. If you don't have a choice, don't make that my problem, just ring me up and shut the hell up.

Richmond, you lose. I'm not asking that you even pretend to be happy to see me, but check your sorry attitude at the door.