Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Millennium

This is my 999th blog post. I don't think to this point I've ever really established a stable identity. The blog itself has been a tech blog, a personal blog, a music blog, and an items of interest blog now from its inception. Not giving a clear identity can make things confusing and hard to follow. That's why this hasn't taken off the way I would like.

So for my 1000th post, I will be announcing the new blog lineup which will include a lot of surprises, but I figured I can do more with this space. I might actually make a difference. We'll see, but stayed tuned, next week I'll be making a major announcement here.

It will be all in great fun, and things will become more enjoyable here and hopefully, more of a destination. A big thanks to those that have stuck around and subscribed to my blog, your patience will be rewarded big time.