Friday, July 9, 2010

Doubling Down

Since there were no posts yesterday, this one puts me back on track for the month. It's obvious I've been stalling by posting videos and some pictures, but creating content is a talent that few have. I am not one of those people.

The purpose of posting every day this month is to get me out of a comfort zone of web consumption and transfer the few brain cells I have left and use them for web creation. I'm reminded that I still need to work on getting my other sites up and running and then need to figure out how to let things flow. At the end of the day people do not have time to read about other people's lives unless there is some serious interest. I know I had lost interest over the past few months.

I think the popularity of social media, news, and networking sites is proof that we've all become more of a consumer class and less of a creative one on the intewebs. There is a place for all of that and goodness knows I'm involved with it all, but there really is still a place for sharing ideas, brainstorming, crowd sourcing, or just venting. That's why we started writing these blogs many years ago.

And here's where I get to do that venting. Thanks for listening. I encourage everyone to vent more and in turn listen to others. I think that community think online can come back and not be a fad like fedoras. Seriously, enough with the wearing of the fedoras. Stop it. Yes, stop it. Please.