Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh, Pixar

Post one in my July of blogging extravaganza!

Last weekend, Janine and I were thrilled to catch the latest and potentially one of the last Toy Story movies. Toy Story 3 was all in all a great movie. We laughed yeah, but lately, and especially with Pixar flicks, we cried. We really, cried. Girl quality crying. Lifetime movies wish they could spur this kind of emotion.

The next night, we caught Monsters, Inc on Netflix. Now I'm secure enough in my manhood to admit that lately their movies have left me a blubbering mess. I have to hand it to them, creating a bond with the characters on screen is the best way to ensure people really enjoy a movie. We've all seen too many high budget flicks that were majestic visually or had fun, surprising plot twists, but without getting the audience to really connect with the main characters, it becomes difficult to create TV or movie gold.

I recommend everyone get caught up with all of their movies. I'd just ask that you not get so chocked up that you swallow your gum as I did watching Up for the first time. Loud choking tears does not build great man cred.

Tonight, Janine and I will watch Toy Story 2. She has not seen it yet, so we'll both try again to conceal our childlike bawling, and fail.