Monday, July 19, 2010

ReTweeting Myself, Again

I really try not to do this often, but every once in a while, I look back at my timeline on Twitter and think, I'm a funny fella. Let's see if I can regurgitate my tweets onto my blog just to show how clinical I am. Enjoy!

I think I have enough rubber bands to take up bungee jumping.

Janine is watching Evita. I keep waiting to hear Mighty Mouse bust out and sing Here I Come to Save the Day!!

Look clouds, rain or rain not, there is no dry.

Upgrading the radio on my phone...because I am a nerrrrrrddduhhhh.

Saw Inception, left with a concussion. Its that freaking good...and painful. Go get your concussion.

I'm declaring naked cell phone weekend. That is if your phone works without a case... #waaawaaa

My memory has gone MIA, so I'm either going to call the FBI, CIA, or HPD to find it. Just hoping it's not DOA, SOL, OTL, or AFK. TGIF & ZZZ.

And before I go, Bazinga!