Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sleep, Shelves, and Froyo?

I will admit I cheated on my insomnia. I don't know what's been wrong, but over the past month, sleep has been hard for me. I don't get a deep sleep. It's almost like I'm in a quasi trance all night. So last night before bed I took a couple Advil PM's (no, this is no ad) and fell asleep.

I slept like a baby! I'm hoping this rebooted my sleep cycle and I'll get back into the cycle for deep, wonderful sleep.

So what's up today? Janine is finishing her bookshelf project. We needed four shelves so we set out over the past couple weeks to get some good shelves, some paint, and those little brackets. She did a great job matching up the paint and the only thing left to do is put her books away. I hope one day we end up with a very large, exhaustive book collection. Reading is one of the few analog things I enjoy doing. I still may end up buying an e-book reader though, I gotta keep my digital cred strong.

My mini project today between trips to the hardware store and a quick trip for groceries was installing FroYo. FroYo (frozen yogurt, yum) is the new version of Android which is still mostly unreleased. My phone will be getting the over the air update probably sometime later this summer. Of course I have no patience so I have installed with the help of Cyanogen the latest version onto my phone.

It's great. The biggest problem plaguing the Android platform is fragmenting. There are many people who still run the second release when most everyone else is on the third or fourth release. Hopefully by the end of this year, everyone will be up to speed. It's one of those open source dilemmas which were bound to happen, but I've always maintained even an older version is better than most anything else in the smartphone market.

What's going on this week you ask hoping I'll change the subject? This looks like a normal, quiet week of work, cooking, and going back to the gym. I actually do miss going so I look forward to hitting my favorite bike tomorrow night.