Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking a Request

Janine suggested I share and post about her own personal cake disaster. So this was her idea, and no attempt on my part to tease. The post will speak for itself. She's still the best ever and this disclaimer should keep me from getting glares, pokes, or even food throwing.

She made an awesome cake yesterday. I'm just now reminded so after this post, I'm going to sneak a piece. She reminded me of the last cake she made a while back. The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but this picture is worth about eight large pieces of cake.

She had basically just layered and iced the cake when I heard a frantic call for help from the kitchen. I sprang into action only to find the cake slowly starting to lean and fall apart. We both ended up holding portions of the cake trying to keep it all in one piece. One of us had to break away long enough to grab plates to catch this now crumbling dessert. As one can see, it ended up in a few large pieces and to this day I'm not sure why the cake fell apart. My only theory is because it was still molten hot (it really wasn't I just wanted to say molten), that it didn't want to stay cohesive, but only science will help me one day solve this mystery.

I didn't want to just pick on my lovely fiancĂ©e in this post, I wanted to also do a little showing off. As I mentioned yesterday the bookshelf is not complete. The living room is now pretty much finished, in lieu of some minor tweaks, and I think overall we (and by we I mostly mean she) did an awesome job.

So huzzah to Janine for making wonderful cakes, being a master craftsperson, and most of all for putting up with me. That alone is an achievement that can only be reward-able by Deity.

And with cake.