Monday, July 26, 2010

Talking About Myself

I will have to admit this daily blogging venture all month has been fun. Granted it does not look like I've spent a great amount of time in pushing original content, most of it has been videos or pictures, but I have taken a lot more time this month into my blog than any other month.

It's good and I feel at home again because before the dawning of these myriads of social networks, if I saw anything worth sharing, I'd share it right here. Once I started posting regularly on places like Twitter or Tumblr this became more and more difficult because those little ha ha sharing posts were pushed out there, instead of in here.

I wanted to list those other services in this post, and hopefully in the passage of time, I'll figure out how and what to post here and when, but here's primarily how I post, where I get my information from, and how it all flows together.

I'll start my internet day going through my now well refined Google Reader items. In fact, you can see and subscribe to what I read here. This is where I see what's new and what's breaking in tech news, world news, and keep up with my friends' blogs.

From there I share the top stories that I checked out every day which feeds into my mobile site. The mobile site captures my blog feed, my tweets, and the items I share on Google Reader. It's the hub for all information that proceeds from this stream of content consumption. It also feeds through my meta Twitter site for this blog here. All are welcome to subscribe and follow, but ultimately, I'd much prefer to become part of a larger group and create my own content. One day.

As far as photographs, the pictures I share from my cell phone feed into my Posterous account. From there, the Posterous feed pushes photos into my own personal Tumblr page and my Flickr account. That said personal Tumblr account also gets feed photos shared from FFFFound and of course my Flickr account holds all uploaded pictures as well.

So yeah, there are a bunch of other sites, but from this one site right here, anyone can see the picture feed, my posts, and the shared items from Reader. So instead of all that flowage, just checking in here, or subscribing to my mobile feed will give you all of this Lewis Show that anyone can handle.

And now you know.