Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Seconds on the Clock

I really did purposefully forget to post yesterday being the last day of the month. I figured I had my 31 posts, I'd just post today and recap my month of blogging.

It's very hard to do this on a daily basis. My brain is fried in such a great way. I also realized some things that should help me out considerably. I've been trying to produce content. I am no content producer. My creative capabilities are slim. I've always been that person in the room that can carry a conversation, but very rarely am I able to start a conversation. I guess that makes me a pundit or a commentator.

I need to own my skill sets.

I figure I'll give my take on things I see, things I read, and appreciate the people that to like to read my insane ramblings. And I am thankful for my readers. I can see the people who visit the site and even those who read my feed and I am eternally grateful. I hope to live up to my own hype some day.

And now, since I didn't do it all month, it's time to get random about my 31 days of attempted blogging. Go:

  • Thank the heavens for spell correction!
  • I don't think I'm going to leave Blogger. I tried making a WordPress blog, I have all the micro blogging services, but this will always be home.
  • Coffee. It's unbeatable.
  • Posting blog posts from my phone was a great change of pace and something I will do more of in the future. 
  • I really need to keep working on this page. The background is terrible (hopefully was terrible soon).
  • Dinner for Schmucks was hilarious. I can only hope I'll never be paraded around for being the idiot that I am.
  • I'd still love guest writers, I'd still love to guest write. Give me a topic and I'll go thermonuclear.
  • Without spell check I would have spelled thermonuclear completely wrong, phew.
  • Without Janine I would have not made it with ideas from the past month. Thanks, Neener!
  • My yard is demanding more time, so it will get 30 minutes almost daily. Almost of course used in the vaguest of senses. 
  • I'm not sure what my yard has to do with blogging other than it's my co-nemesis. 
  • How cool is it that anyone can share their thoughts now? We've come a long way. I'll try not to take this great freedom for granted.
Again, I'm grateful. This past month was a lot of fun, but it went so fast! My last lesson was to manage and cherish the time that I have, because it's only going away quicker by the day. I don't want to focus on the end of the ride, just concentrate on the ride while I'm on it.