Friday, August 13, 2010

Metal Month Continues

You know I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to catch Swedish Metal whenever it hits Richmond. Soilwork came into town to play some new material and we could not pass this show up. In an ideal world, all great shows like this will be on a Saturday, but one of the great perks about living in Richmond is being able to catch great stuff like this at any time.

The new album is called The Panic Broadcast, I like it, everything they put out is great and worth checking out.

What I wasn't expecting was some good, old fashioned music discovery. Apparently, I've been under a rock these past few months or years and haven't heard about any of the bands playing before Soilwork, but I was both surprised and even blown away.

Death Angel, thrash, I'll let this clip of them playing in Wacken in 2004 speak loudly for itself.

Tour Flyer

Now that I've shown more videos in one month than MTV will all year, I figured I'd throw in one more from the headliners. I had a blast at the Canal Club last night, hopefully we'll be getting out more.