Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Week's Apps - Music

I figured it was time to attempt another weekly segment. I'm going to start highlighting the apps that I've used on my phone over the past week with the help of AppBrain. I mentioned them a few posts back, and the service has only gotten better since my remarks. Now I can easily share the apps that I used with some handy embedding from their website.

This week as Janine and I started back into our gym routine, I started using the Pandora and Last FM apps again. They work fine, as long as there's a good, consistent data connection. Our gym is not in a part of Richmond that has a great connection, so it's been spotty. Some days have been great, and some have been unusable and completely frustrating. There's nothing like trying to restart a stream while power walking or rowing.

I've never been much of the stock Music app user within Android. It's fine, I just find it lacking, and honestly as with most iPod refugees, the stock application just lacks style. I have been using the doubleTwist app as I've mentioned before to play music from my SD card. This works for me some of the times, especially when I have my iTunes playlists up to date, music just moves over seamlessly.

The biggest bummer about using the doubleTwist app was the lack of album artwork to accompany the songs. It's quite dull to see their standard music note for each song, but lucky for me I stumbled upon Album Art Grabber. I'm linking the free version below, but this app is well worth spending the dollar for their donation version. I now have album art for all my songs and this will greatly enhance my gym time. It's the simple things, remember that.

Below are the AppBrain links and embeds to the apps I've mentioned this week. I will do this every weekend, to help my fellow users make their super phone experiences a better one. Of course I'm going to link the AppBrain app first. It is now a MUST have!