Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Week's Apps - Worthy of Purchase

I almost let my new weekly app post slip by the wayside already. I took some time to try to figure out what I was using on my phone last week, but really all I was really using were the same music apps that I mentioned the week before. Another successful week at the gym and I am loving my phone and loving the album art with said music on said phone!

But I don't have nothing for you this week. Besides a poor choice of double negatives, I wanted to just give a quick listing of a couple of apps that I use absolutely every day. There's no theme, just a couple of commonly used apps. If there is a theme, it's that these are paid themes. It's important, Android users, to support developers because they need reasons to put apps on this platform and not cop out and just develop on the iPhone. So what's worth the money for me?

Beautiful Widgets has been mentioned before, but it has to be by far the most commonly used application on my phone. It's the first app I see when I turn my phone on, it's where I get the time, it's where I get the weather, it's where I get the forecast for the weather, it's just really valuable. Besides the typical home widget, there are other handy widgets such as a toggle for airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, etc. This has always been my recommended must have app, especially for those who do not have Sense UI and the flavors of clocks that it offers.

Twidroyd Pro offers me a complete Twitter experience with the help of very handy widgets. I like having advanced features such as list control, ability to view an entire conversation, reply to all, a lot of things that make this a seamless experience. I continue coming back to this application. Others in the market are great and have a better interface, but this keeps winning me over with it's simplistic functionality. It's like breathing.

I do promise to have more next week, this week has not been so much about the applications, but about the ROMs. With the newest stable version of Cyanogenmod released, I've been enjoying all the benefits of FroYo. My phone and the platform only continue to get better!