Saturday, October 23, 2010

Browser Wars 1

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to exclusively run some of the biggest browsers available for Windows starting with what I'm using now. I've always switched around depending on updates and features and I'm even going to try a new browser for the first time, Opera. So each week, I will run one browser and share my feelings.

My only disclaimer. Browsing can be dangerous, each browser has its own security standards to complement protection taken on each user's local level. Make sure you know the basics about security, secure browsing, and I always suggest taking a very cautious level of trust with any site on any browser.

To review or discuss Chrome, let me explain how and why this has become my browser of choice. I've always used Chrome as a secondary browser to Firefox. I always was and will always be a big proponent of Firefox and they're a big reason these alternate browsers exist outside of the world of Internet Explorer and Safari. So what made me switch? Here's my list:

  • Extensions - When Chrome opened up their platform to allow extensions, I was instantly hooked. Being integrated into so many Google services such as Blogger, Voice, GMail, Tasks, and Reader, having these extensions gave me a feeling of control similar to a dashboard.
  • Speed - It seems with time and updates the browser only gets faster. This includes loading time for the browser itself as well as loading pages, playing Flash, or tabbed browsing. 
  • Search - This will always be Google's biggest asset, and I know that searching in their omni bar is no longer unique, but the feel of search seems smarter on Chrome than with other browsers that have this feature.
  • Tabs - I like the ability to create multiple windows from each tab, the ability to save tabs on my desktop if needed, and new tab page which features quick history, recently closed tabs, and locked favorites for easy access.
In summary, this browser works best for me in combination with my Google apps and phone, the extensions are simple and simply work, the interface is smooth and fast, tabbed browsing works great, and it feels like my browser. 

Next week, I revisit an old friend and you'll be left scratching your head as I declare it the best and my most highly recommended browser of them all.