Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank You, Richmond

Last year I was harsh on the city of my residence. I made a very angry post about local customer service. I recalled several bad experiences I've had in town. It has been one of the most read posts on my blog over the past couple years.

My point wasn't to look down my nose at this town that I've only called home for five years, but to remind the locals that it doesn't pay to be rude. Not in this day and age. I can easily take my spending money away from the local "brick & mortars" altogether and be perfectly happy.

This year I've had a different impression. It wasn't perfect, I still would like to share a few cross words at the T Mobile rep who wore his ass on his sleeve before Christmas. But apparently the city wants my money again. A couple years of recession and fears of lay offs has seemingly corrected several attitudes in town.

Is that the only reason? I think in this new day where local businesses are interacting with their customers over social networks, the mindset has changed from just providing goods for services to providing goods and good service for services. I say kudos to Richmond for catching on and not falling behind.

My experiences have been much better this year and I wanted to make it a point to say thanks to local businesses, encourage everyone to shop, and visit the local sites and help our neighbors over the next year and beyond.

Hooray for Richmond! 2011 I will be posting great places for people to spend their money. I'm always open for suggestions too. This is much better than the negative feelings and desire to embarrass local businesses as I wanted to do last year.