Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Trippin'

I must like to stretch out the holidays. This morning, we departed for my parents for the exchanging of gifts and to enjoy some much needed quality time. Plus I really enjoy the mini road trip in our new ride.

I always enjoy spending the day with my parents. I never thought I'd enjoy heading back to the Northern Neck, but now that I'm an adult and not a wily teenager, I can appreciate the quiet beauty and close knit community that I took for granted so long ago.

I got to take Janine back into Sharps to show her some of the old houses I used to visit when I was younger. It's bittersweet to see some houses still standing while some have been long abandoned. I don't want that area to become a ghost town. There's vital early history in that part of Virginia that not many get to see.

In the photo is the current local hunt club. Before that it was the old Tidewater post office. It ceased being a post office long before my time. Growing up I mostly remember it being a great spot for a speed trap and a sobriety check point. The police always had a productive day at that intersection. Local drunks would drive down the road to pick up more booze from our store and they would be there at the old post office waiting for them to head out, malt liquor in hand.

The life lessons learned living in the back of a small country store came early and fast.