Monday, January 3, 2011

Lights, Camera, Android Camera Apps

I wanted to quickly share the camera apps that I use on my phone. iPhone doesn't get to have all the fun with their great Flickr and Instagram apps. There are a few on our platform too which are fun and easy to use.

FX Camera has several layering options with pictures. For example you can use the Polaroid or fish eye effects. It's a very basic app that does all of this with pretty decent efficiency.

Camera 360 works the same way that FX Camera works. It has a few more unique effects and the pro version provides more.

Retro Camera has 4 cool effects but what makes this app stand out is that the effects are accessed via 4 cameras. I used this for my Halloween post. This also has widget support, and out of all of these camera apps, I have the most fun using this one.

Picplz has quickly become a favorite of mine. This app most closely resembles the Instagram application in that it focuses on the social aspect of sharing pictures over social networks and giving the user the ability to use these neat camera effects. I can snap a picture, share it to Twitter, Facebook, post my location on Foursquare, upload to Flickr, and more.

Feel free to add me if you use Picplz. I am mlewis106.

All that's left is to say cheese and hope the picture gets taken quickly. These LED flashes are blinding!