Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oscar Winning Role of a Razzie Life

It is award season and this is as close as I'll ever get to posting anything about celebrities.

I remember posting a couple years ago on Pownce a short list of actors that I'd like to portrait yours truly if my life was ever made into a movie. Outside of that being one of the worst potential movies ever made it would need some serious acting power to make my life pop. Here is my updated short list from least likely to most, but anyone would agree this is a formidable list. 

I do not insist they look like me, at all, as you'll see, it's mannerisms, style, humor, intensity that landed these five poor saps below:

Why Macy, Mike? Well, that's an easy one. 
He fits into any role and blends into the background perfectly.

Sean Astin has played parts as an effeminate hobbit and big hearted linebacker.
I added Astin after watching his short stint on 24. His drive for organization along with the 
occasional careless mistake ultimately became his downfall. I saw myself for just a second.

Overweight nerds with bad fashion sense of a feather flock together. 
Aside from that being a mouthful, I need say no more.

I threw Paul Giamatti in because a short balding man should play the role of a very 
tall and awkward metal head. Actually it's his sense of humor. D to the R to the Y.

Steve Buscemi still wins the lead role for my movie. I'm not sure why this is such a Fargo list, that 
wasn't my intention at all. Watch him in anything, summarize him as 'weird', and viola you'll see why he'll probably always be a shoe in to play the part. For example, find him in Pulp Fiction. When you find him you're left with nothing but a feeling of sheer joy. That's the mark I want to leave.

I mean who should be playing me if not these guys?