Sunday, January 9, 2011

Twitter Un-Tools

For many, Twitter has become a regular part of their social diet. There are many tools and services which take advantage of a pretty decent and lately reliable API. For some it is important to maintain their friends and followers. I want to focus on two services that I use to do just that.

Justunfollow is a valuable resource for me to manage users who do not find me fascinating and worth following. Once logged in, I'm given the options to see unfollowers or fans. I pretty much use this site to manage the unfollowers. A recent addition is the feature to white list some which I don't mind following without the equal reciprocation. There is a limit of 50, but for their work and if one feels it's important enough, they have a full version for $4.95 a year.

 For me a big part of social networking is networking. Unless I'm following a news account or a really fascinating public figure, I've always seen Twitter friending in one way: If a person does not feel the need to read my endless ramblings, I don't feel the need to follow theirs. Justunfollow is just that tool to help me manage the people I don't mind following while helping me remove those who don't quite understand how things work.

TwUnfollow is basically an email service which allows me to receive updates alerting me of a friend who has unfollowed me. The frequency can be set to immediate or daily. Similar to as I mentioned earlier, this allows me to manage my timeline keeping it exclusive to people I'm interested in hearing from and friends. There's even some great analytic tools on their web site and I can look back as far as needed to track unfollowers. It's free to use, but the designers do have a link for donations.

With both of these services I also feel the need to disclaim that it's important not to get worked up over who is a friend and who chooses not to follow people on Twitter. In the grand scheme of things, this is a very small worry. If losing friends in this space causes distress, I would try to limit using these services to a minimum. On the other hand, if you're a compulsive organizer like I am, these sites have been a big help and I'm confident everyone can net similar results.