Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Oatmeal

This is a two bird one stone post. Well, three actually, but I'm too tired to count that high: I wanted to post something for today, I wanted to plug a site worthy of an RSS subscription, and I wanted to send out some congratulations to the writer.

We've all at least thought of doing it...

The Oatmeal is a web comic and updated by Matthew Inman. His hilarious take on life's annoyances won me over long ago. Today Tumblr (which I've mentioned recently) agreed to take one of his comics and use it for their 503 page. So if (or when) Tumblr goes down, people will see one of his drawings.

So kudos and long live The Oatmeal..... subscribing, and checking out his book which comes out soon.

The Oatmeal Wikipedia
The Oatmeal