Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Phone Old State

I really have not been up to much at all. As winter fades into spring, the hibernating Mike will begin to emerge from his cave.

I did get a new phone. It's new to me anyways. I was able to get a hold of a used Nexus One. This was Google's first phone branded specifically as their own. All Android phones are Google phones, but this is the first one made by Google via HTC. It was a much needed upgrade and I got a great deal. I'll be posting more app suggestions down the road now that I have a phone that can keep up with new apps.

I did have a nice long weekend recently too. I was able to visit Sam and Jessi in Lynchburg then attend a birthday party for Janine's cousin. It's always refreshing to see the state. In all my travels, Virginia is most unique and it's always rewarding to see its history on display.

All in all things are going well, I am rested, we're going to the gym with more regularity, and I'm ready to take on the year. Wait, it's almost March? Already? Someone needs to slow this thing down.

Pics you ask? Here they are:

Janine's Aunt and Uncle's house near Charlottesville

Some of the countryside out there. In a word: Quiet

I could get used to this