Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick Gallery Alternative

I know I am not alone. There are others like me who jumped the gun and purchased an early model Android phone. There are much bigger problems in the world, of course, but it's excruciating to watch someone demo a Nexus S or EVO or whatever happens to be the Droid of the week. But I still very much enjoy my phone, I just have to find creative ways to enjoy certain things.

Like the gallery.

People with newer phones can click on their gallery and their pictures jump to life in 3D folders, or whatever they're called. For people with phones like mine, I have a 5 minute spinning load screen that barely loads apps and freezes. Boo. So I went looking for something that had a classic gallery feel and found:

QuickPic for Android on AppBrain

QuickPic looks and acts just like the Donut/Cupcake gallery that I used to love and enjoy. All of my pictures are neatly sorted by folder and I can quickly access them, edit them, and share them. This is a very simple app that handles my one simple problem that I know is shared by others. Apps like this make me feel there's hope for us all.....with classic phones.