Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Dey You Asked?

To those that know me I'm sure they are surprised and perplexed as to why I didn't post about my team winning the Super Bowl...

Here it is!

One team can claim to be a cornerstone in the foundation of professional football. One team has fans who wear cheese shaped foam hats on their heads. One team can boast to be owned by its cheesehead wearing fans, a non profit organization located in a small town with just over one hundred thousand people.

There is a waiting list of over 78,000 people for season tickets for this one team. One stadium is considered to be the best football experience year in and year out. One team comes to mind when the terms frozen tundra and ice bowl are mentioned. One team's quarterback holds almost every record in the NFL. Thank you, by the way, Mr. Favre.

One team boasts probably the best pure yet underrated talent. Even after winning this year's championship most of these players are still unknowns. One team will never get that name brand recognition that's found in New York or Dallas. Even the championship trophy is named after Packer's coach, Vince Lombardi. That in itself is a yearly reminder of the history and grandeur that comes from this one team.

Congrats to my Green Bay Packers for finding a way to win it all this year. It's not about bragging rights for me, it's about having this unwipeable (I'm making that a word) smile on my face for months to come. Here are your 2011 champions.