Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Other Other Blog

So I've gone a couple weeks back into the grind after my mini vacation earlier this month. The weather started to get warm and then right when spring hit, back to winter. That's okay though, warm weather will prevail and my struggle against the yard will continue again.

In my free time though, I have been focusing some of my attention to a new gig. I decided a long time ago that putting Android stuff in my blog is great, but making it a regular habit makes this less a journal and more of some kind of semi tech blog that's not a tech blog. So to keep things cohesive, I'm starting to write now at a small blog called Android Activist. I'm writing with a great bunch of writers and pundits. I just hope I can keep up. I feel this will help get me out of several ruts and I can go back to being creative.

Android Activist was started by an evangelist to the platform, Scott Brown, host at the Radio Android network that he started. I feel I can fit into place with his blog by writing an app review and an opinion piece a week about my favorite mobile platform.So now my endless ramblings about my phone will be there, and not here. So come here, but also go there.

Here I can go back to my real joy and passion, baby otters!