Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer = Mobile Photography

Many of us have stopped carrying cameras with us anymore. With pretty decent cameras on our smart phones, the need just isn't there anymore, not for basic point and shoot photography. While I am no major enthusiast, I do suggest that everyone have a basic photo app with filters and a decent photo editor. Blackberry has Photo Editor and others, Windows Phone 7 has Thumba and others, and of course iPhone has Instagram which has achieved unimaginable hype. There are many good apps out there for every platform.

I did a post before actually that highlights some great apps here. Being an avid Android user, here's what I use: Picplz and Posterous for social networks, PicSay Pro for photo editing and Retro Camera + for on the spot filtered photography.  What does that mean you ask? Here are a few shots I took in the back yard using different camera types with the Retro Camera app. You can see the differences in colors, borders, etc. This comes in handy on the go when it's not convenient to try to figure out how to shoot things that we see.

It's easy to see the drastic changes with each type of filter. That is how the cool kids take their pictures these days. So get out there and take pictures, the world is getting smaller, but don't think for a second people of the world wouldn't be interested in different perspectives. Especially with this now booming social web.