Friday, July 1, 2011

Turntable FM

Innovation is a great thing. It helps us move from our comfort zones and it helps us to learn new things. The web is a great example of seeing good ideas put to work. I recently discovered one of the biggest innovations I think I have ever seen on the net. is a music discovery site remixed and remastered. The premise comes from Pandora's internet radio stations. Instead of having an algorithm play songs that align with your preferences, there are endless rooms ready to take on anyone's genre and tastes. The twist is the ability for five people to spin records, if you will, DJ'ing to their audience. The audience then has the power to vote each song up or down by clicking on Lame or Awesome. Over time the DJ's amass points that allow them to unlock new avatars or characters.

This is why the internet was made. This is a site dedicated to maintaining the strong winds of social networking, mixing in great music, and allowing people to discover new artists and learn from people from many different backgrounds. I see endless potential here and I hope they continue to grow.

There are some challenges. It does take a Facebook account to log in. Furthermore you'd have to be friends with someone already invited to get in. That will open up more in time. Also the site has had to limit accessibility to American users. This is how the music industry continues to shoot itself in the foot. It squashes innovation at almost every turn and hopefully they will fix licenses and allow the world to join back in.

Do check it out, find a room, take to the DJ stand, and have fun. This to me is by far the best service introduced this year by far. I'm often in one of the few metal channels so come find me.