Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Twitter Commandments

While it seems elitist to tell others how to use Twitter, I've come to believe over the past four years of use, that some people do not realize when they are becoming more a pest than a friend. So I made a short list, fifteen points to consider when composing those precious tweets. Please feel free, Twitter users, to use as many as possible.

  • Thou shalt consider the person reading your tweets before posting all tweets as you would prefer to be tweeted to.
  • Thou shalt not Twittascope.
  • Thou must use check in tools smartly and sparingly. Again, sparingly. One does not benefit from knowing about that quick check in to pick up toilet paper.
  • Thou shalt not live tweet everything. One or two tweets will do. Seventeen tweets will not do. This includes sporting events. 
  • Thou shalt not retweet more than once an hour or three times a day lest your privilege to retweet are quickly taken away from you.
  • Thou shalt not post a link without at least a word or two of description.
  • Thou shalt not repeatedly prompt people to your Facebook page.
  • Thou shalt also be wary of what services are posting to your Twitter. Flooding people with uStream, Tumblr, and other tweets can become the height of annoyance.
  • Thou shalt not truncate tweets or abuse the use of services like Twitlonger. It looks utterly ridicu....
  • Thou shalt not tweet ads. Ever.
  • Thou shalt not solely tweet links to content. Thou must say something once in a while.
  • Thou shalt not only talk about what one is eating when one does say something.
  • Thou shalt remember a tweet will not alter one's political views, nor will a hundred, nor will a thousand. It has never happened before in the history of man nor will it ever happen.
  • Thou shalt not make vague references to people or events. No one understands while everyone becomes instantly confused and turned away. It is a no win.
  • Thou shalt not cross post your generic tweets to other social networks. Cross posting real content is acceptable with discretion.
Feel free to share more. Who says we can't have an additional fifteen commandments?