Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back With Rants

I looked at my poor blog and realized that I haven't posted anything in a month. This year has gone entirely too fast. How about some rants?

My latest distraction from regular posts at my blog has been regular posts at my other blog, Android Activist and Google Plus. I have formed and found such a great community of people, photographers, engaging and interesting people, and a variety of view points and world views. I have really enjoyed keeping up with people there and have completely neglected my site here, Twitter, and all the other internet stuff that now just seems so unimportant. I'm ready to consolidate my digital life to one place and devote more and more of my waking time with waking real people.

I, like most have been doing a steady eye roll since the Christmas shopping season starts around Halloween now. Part of me understands the desperation of retail and car companies to move inventory in these challenging times, but the holiday burn out is only going to get worse and worse and without enthusiasm, there really isn't any joyous spending to do. Just lots of endless complaining, ie this post.

Pro Football has been enjoyable for me this year. I don't want to say a lot and throw out the traditional jinx, but my team is still undefeated. What's great is that there is little talk about this in the sports press. This time 4 years ago when the Patriots were undefeated, there was constant talk about that team being the best ever in the NFL. No such talk this year. I also haven't watched near as much sports media, because, let's face it, it's pretty terrible and I could occupy my mind with better things.

Speaking of occupying. No, I won't say much about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I get their cause, but when we all wake up tomorrow morning or tomorrow morning 10 years from now, greedy people will still be greedy and some will never think the rich are paying enough. So in my humble opinion, this movement solves nothing unless we were looking for solutions to creating mountains of human feces. Job well done, kids. Politics has me so entirely jaded lately, I just tune out.

I'm all about lifestyles and lifestyle changes. Many are done for our bodies, some are done for our souls, I have no problem with lifestyle changes. I have grown pretty tired of some that blast with loud musical instruments and fanfare their changes. Especially when it comes to diet changes. Good for you all who make better food decisions, but it can be just as annoying as a loud, in your face street preacher. I don't smoke anymore. I do not go into great dissertation that I'm living on a smoke free diet. I think there's a fine line and I guess I'm too sensitive to widen that fine line. Why do I have to be a vegetarian or pescatarian? Why can't I decide what days I want to eat meats and what days I don't? Why do I need to confine myself? Why do I then feel the urge to push these decisions on others? That is not the meaning of life, people!

I could throw in a traffic rant, but, really, why? It does seem the volume is getting much worse around Richmond, but I think last summer/autumn road construction projects are the problem cure.

Janine and I got our phone upgrades. She's using the Epic Touch 4G, which is Sprint's take on the Samsung Galaxy S II and I got tired of waiting for the Galaxy Nexus and purchased the Nexus S 4G. I like the pure Google experience and I wanted to give Janine a big screen so she can enjoy games, Netflix, etc. I wanted to upgrade her to the latest Blackberry, but I've heard there have been serious hardware issues, so onward and upward we went.

Rants done. Thank you for reading. I'll post more, I promise.