Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Next Writing Gig

Last March, I had posted that I took a writing position for an upstart Android opinion and application review blog, Android Activist. I spent a year writing pieces for them and had a great time doing so. I got to improve my writing skills and found some new friends in the process. However, that blog did close shop a couple weeks ago.

I was asked to write for another blog though and I thought I'd use my blog to announce to my friends that I am on the news team for an Android community based site called Rootzwiki. Rootzwiki is a site built from the ground up that empowers users from every background to get the most out of their smarter phones. It's also a community portal to get help and connect with others to share opinions and ideas. The forum and wikis form the backbone, but they want to expand the news and information section, and that's where I hope I can contribute.

Do consider subscribing to the news site for news, app reviews, and opinions from me and other like minded enthusiasts. I'm very excited and I look forward to learning and sharing with a wider audience. This way also I can keep from posting a bunch of geeky stuff here and focus on what really matters, yard work, home improvement, local commutes, and general melange.