Saturday, May 19, 2012

Extra Strength Placebo

Anytime I post about people's ills, I want to say quickly that I am no doctor. So goodness gracias, please do not take my rhetoric as medical advice. The last thing I want is for my wit to kill somebody. People seriously get sick and this is for the rest of us.

I always have believed in the power of placebo. Not so much the power of the sugar pill itself, but the power of the mind. In fact, I'd probably put some Scientologists to shame with my strong belief that we can will away most of our ills. I'm sure I've on many occasions willed away a slight cold or escalated one on the occasional Monday.

The Box That Says It All

Boing Boing earlier this week posted a funny short piece about an Etsy user who is now marketing boxes of Extra Strength Placebos. I see this as utter brilliance and I also (as the writer) am kicking myself for not thinking about marketing this sooner myself. So this magic sugar pill will apparently cure all your ills as long as your mind is set that it will do so.

I've always believed in this power and according to the article there is recent evidence to support it. Now I don't think this should be adopted across the true and sincere medical profession, but I'm often reminded of how a simple trick can alter someone's way of thinking.

I have seen people hand over a cup of delicious caffeine free coffee, telling the recipient that it is fully unleaded and ready to perk their day. An hour later this person is hyper like he or she had taken a direct caffeine injection. In my younger days I've heard that people would eat brownies given the impression they were laced with cannabis. Those people would then roar into laughter and have fits of utopia and mindlessness. The kicker was that there wasn't an ounce of any drugs in those brownies (except sugar).

We've even heard of people who are so determined to beat terminal illness or some handicaps and they do just that. Many claim that the power of the mind can help fight any obstacle, some claim prayers opened the doors, but the common thread is that it took someone to take the necessary steps to better themselves regardless of the means.

Sometimes, in my case, it's about setting goals. Far too often my life is this aimless point in time where I go from one point to another. I know with some brain power and dedication, I can one day achieve something too.  That is the kind of placebo that I'm thinking about. Sometimes we just need to hack our brains and realize our potential. Then, when something isn't right, just take two Extra Strength Placebos and call me in the morning. Actually don't call me, call your trainer, your best friend, your loved ones, and your mentors. They're the ones who can help you cure some of these ailments.