Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong

I was born well after the lunar missions, so I was not privy to the awe inspiring moments when US Astronauts walked on our moon. We were all inspired though as kids to look up to the sky and listen to that inner desire to reach for the stars. We watched with great enthusiasm the birth and death of the Space Shuttle program. With the Mars rover Curiosity landing a couple weeks ago, that was all rekindled for us. I have always believed we need a well funded and goal oriented space program here in the United States.

While paroosing through the aisles at my local grocery store this morning, I heard that Neil Armstrong had passed at age 82. He will forever be known as the first man that step foot on the moon and we all will forever remember his brave steps and memorable quotes as he walked on the surface of Earth's lone satellite.

I am sad to hear his passing, but today we remember and celebrate the hard work of the Apollo teams, the crews on earth, NASA as they continue to reach for the stars, and our next generations that one day not only dream of seeing those strange new worlds, but actually to go there as well. I will always believe that day will come.

Godspeed, Mr. Armstrong.