Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Wish For The Modern Web Community

I wanted to take a moment away from my groaning about politics and share my wish for this internet society (for lack of better term). As I've mentioned, I've been writing now for just over a year covering Android news and have written a few opinion pieces on the former Android Activist and now Rootzwiki. The process of writing, even in such a niche field, has helped me to broaden many horizons and have helped me become a better world thinker. Sure I know not everyone has the capacity for a discipline like this, but I see a lot of people that do and are not taking advantage of their abilities.

My wish then for this web community, be they found in social media like Twitter, social news like Reddit, or even Facebook or Google Plus is for people to find their inner writer. That is what I want. I want more people to become writers. I want more people to research their opinions, express them, discuss them, then return to research those opinions.

Now I know, we can not all become accomplished journalists or authors, but we all have a voice (and yes, for some that voice is in politics). My wish is for people to become more aware of what they know, become more of an expert in that field, and then to branch out and experience or learn other things. I would like to believe that not only will we expand those horizons, but it will help us better understand our world. We can get such a quick and easy snapshot into the way people think and better figure out why people carry on the way they do.

These blogs of course are a great vehicle for that. I have no one following behind me and editing what I write or telling me what to post and what not to post. This is my voice. I express my voice through writing and I've learned more about myself in the past five years, than I have my entire life. If it's possible to start a collaborative blog with friends, then do so. That way the pressure to distribute content is laid out more evenly, rather than putting that onus on just one person.

So, write, learn, listen, then write some more. Do not be discouraged by those that complain about the amount of "noise" on the web. The world is waiting for more and better contributions. The noise always goes away in favor of good content. A lot of us may not have the knack for artistic expression, but so many of us here have the gift of gab and the ability to learn and grow from it.