Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Time Randomness

I have been away for quite a while. I figured I would return with a load of randomness!

  • Where have I been? On October 13th, I said "I Do", and "I Will", to the most wonderful woman alive. Janine will probably be awarded sainthood for putting up with me, but I cannot begin to express how blessed and lucky I am to have her in my life. She is truly everything that I could ever want in a life mate, partner, spouse, friend. My main goal in life is to make sure she is happy and provided for.
  • Speaking of Mrs. Lewis, Tuesday is her birthday! It is also Election Day, so we'll probably celebrate by hiding under a rock for 48 hours, enough time for this American election drama to blow over. 
  • Speaking of Election Day, something has always bothered me in the wide world of rhetoric. There is a maxim that if a person does not vote, they are not allowed to speak out about the condition of their country. Not only is that a form of bullying, that's also a form of elitism. We should be just as willing to fight for people's right to vote as their right not to vote. There are plenty ignorant and dumb people who will pull a lever and probably have just as little business decrying the condition of the world as those that do not vote.
  • Speaking of those that may not vote on Tuesday, people really should vote on Tuesday. It is our most fundamental civic duty and we only harm ourselves by not voting. Do not under appreciate the gravity of that basic right. 
  • Speaking of voting, let me just say that I will always feel that third, fourth, and fifth party votes are completely wasted. Thank you for allowing me to have that opinion.
  • Speaking of opinions, I am delighted that Janine wants some barbecue for her birthday. That will be a nice treat and I'm looking forward to seriously devouring some meat. 
  • Speaking of meat, I am on a long salad eating streak. As some may say, I may turn into a rabbit, but I can't help it. I have been on a serious vegetable kick lately and I can only account that to old age.
  • Speaking of old age, I'm sure there were a couple nice points I was going to make about this week in general, but I've already forgotten.
So that does it for me. I'll be back to posting regular opinions soon. The little free time I've had has either been spent on the yard, or working at Rootzwiki writing news posts. I'd like to think with two major holidays coming up, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'll have nothing but time on my hands...