Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Internet Culture - Independents

When I look over the vast and growing vaster internet culture, there's something I'm starting to notice within the mainstream. It's not a new practice, but something I've never sat and considered until the past year. I've noticed a small but very loud section of that population that take a stance against literally everything. They do this behind the veil of being an independent thinker.

One of the advantages of being this producer of independent thought is that they are not confined to a certain political ideology or religious dogma. They are freed from that with the power to cherry pick topics that are near and dear to them while frowning upon and shunning alternate thought. It's the lazy road, and many more are not starting to take it.

Politically, an "independent" doesn't favor any political candidate. While candidates make that very easy these days on their own, an independent takes a permanent high road. They never support any man or woman running for office and are very vague about their own ideologies  If they do they'll never disclose it. They want to be above the fray and snipe at everyone else for their opinions without offering their own stances.

In music, especially within metal circles, there's a large contingency of people who hate every band. They are the first to comment and troll anyone who takes up a preference. Again, you'll never hear their preferences for fear that someone will make a dissenting opinion about their favorites. I had that problem when I was listening to nu metal. There was a class of snobby children who would scream about my preferences, but I never could figure out what they liked. They would never tell me.

I would dare say these independent thinkers are the embodiment of modern internet trolls. I have no use for them. I have an ideology and I've often refrained from sharing them not only because I don't want to confront people who feel different out of respect, but I don't want to have to answer for myself to these independent thinkers who really have nothing better to do but to look down on my world views. While I admire the spirit of their independence, one cannot escape discourse without having their own opinions.

I'll continue to take a stance where I don't feed the trolls. When confronted, I will make it a point for these independents to actually give their opinions before letting them defecate on mine. Unless you have a firm opinion on something, I have no room for you to give me your opinion on mine. Form an opinion and we'll talk. That is after all just my opinion...