Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This February

It's not as if I've gone anywhere. It's more of that classic writer's block excuse. I find myself wanting to mentally hibernate for the next month or at least until spring arrives. I also think this is not acceptable

So next month, I'm going to post every day. I do this for a couple reasons. First, I haven't really posted anything here in a couple months and two, February is a nice, short month.

I will be vacationing in March, and I'm sure the yard will keep me plenty occupied. Yes, I really will attempt to plant little trees and flowers this year. I'm sure I'll be quite the domestic goddess. I'm sure I'll also post lots of quaint little pictures of it all. I'll try to keep it all within Instagram or Flickr to keep from boring you all to death.

So with an assignment and a purpose I'm hoping to post daily and provide some level of entertainment or insight. I'm hoping that level of discipline will awaken my mind and I'll be back to posting...something, anything.

I hope.