Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Super Bowl Thoughts

Like last year, I have very little interest in this year's Super Bowl. I mean, it was the Giants and the Patrios. It would be hard pressed to find a more convoluted match up. I have to admit I have the same lack of interest this year.

We've kind of made this whole Super Bowl event a bigger deal than it should be. I am sure for 49er and Raven fans, this is a fairly important event. I've noticed a few trends around football and I just wanted to put them right here. Yeah, most of it involves social networks.

  • Social media on Super Bowl Sunday is hilarious. People who normally do not watch or talk about football on their networks suddenly will. A lot. A whole lot.
  • Those who hate American football with a passion will become this venomous vocal minority spewing their hatred of the sport early and often. Really often and really really snarky. 
  • In reality, not many care about these two teams. Most people will be fixed on the performances and the commercials. 
  • Having seen most of the commercials and having zero interest in those performing today, I'll try to gain enjoyment from watching other people watching the commercials and the performances. 
  • I predicted with the 49ers beat the Packers in week 1 that the 49ers would win the Super Bowl this year. I still stand by that. I think I know too much about how this sport works now.
  • Ray Lewis will be missed. I always enjoyed watching his intensity and he put a ton of showmanship in the game, making it more entertaining. I will be pulling for the Ravens today, despite my pick to win.
  • I sincerely hope that in my lifetime I don't see another Harbowl. I wish the Harbaugh brothers much success, but this has to be the more ridiculous story line I've ever seen in football. Neither of them are running a single play. Put them on a tennis court or a wrestling ring and I'll watch that.
Despite my mixed bag of meh and negativity, may everyone have a safe and fun evening. Use this as an excuse to go socialize or something. There's also a pretty good hockey game on if you want to flip the channel. This is not going to be much of a contest. 

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