Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There's a beep going on in my house. It happens once every ten minutes. I have so far moved all smoke detectors and CO detectors into the guest room and I'm watching them like a hawk. I am hoping one of these devices is beeping.....I'll know soon.

UPDATE: The beeping sound was not any of the smoke or CO detectors. My search will continue.

2nd UPDATE: I unplugged the microwave which  makes a similar sound. Let's see if that stops the infernal beeping...

3rd UPDATE: So it wasn't the microwave. I'm starting to run out of ideas. I have found some heavy duty aluminum foil and I have crafted myself a hat.

4th UPDATE: After a 10 minute discussion with citizens from another planet, I was told that somehow my battery backup for my FiOS became unplugged. I plugged it in fully now let's see if that stops the beeping that has driven me to insanity.

5th UPDATE: The aliens like Blue Moon beer. Now I'm out. You would think considering my generosity, they would offer to fly over to the Get n Zip and pick up more.

6th UPDATE: The aliens and the beeping are gone. Everything is back to normal now....except for the cats. The cats can now talk and they are not happy about the state of the litter box. They also have been complaining about the food choices and lack of sparking water options. Lucky for me, they do enjoy my taste in sports and music. They may let me stay.

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