Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rushing The Days Away

I do enjoy sitting outside during my lunch break at work and listening to the quietness that is now our parking lot. Since the doctor's office moved, we have been spared the steady flow of people suffering from flu and other communicable diseases walking by our office. Some days, I thought the zombie apocalypse had begun.

While sitting outside, I thought about how today was 'only Wednesday'. This prompted me to consider something I've been doing for some time. I have been in a steady stream of rushing days to get to the weekend. Boy, if it was Friday, today would feel a lot better,  I told myself.

I realize that I'm losing days which stack into weeks and then months of my life. I know I cannot carpe diem every minute of my life, but I have spent far too long rushing days to pass. I did the same when I was 17, eager to turn 18 and be a man. My old man would not be able to tell me what to do again, I thought.

The same carried into college as I rushed to be 21 and a full fledged adult. Then at 24, I yearned to be 25 so my auto insurance rates would drop. I realize that made me some kind of nerd and a cheap one at that. Then as I approached 30, I started to wish for it to slow down. Some nine years later I am starting to wish I could put the brakes on this life, yet I'm still rushing days to pass.

I will and continue to keep my mind looking forward of the moment, but I really will make a concerted effort to be more mindful of this very moment as well. There really need be no rush. Not anymore.

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  1. I still rush my weeks to the weekends... force of habit... especially with some of the folks we have to deal with "in life"

    Kelly S