Saturday, February 2, 2013

Speaking For Myself

I am probably certain that I'm not actually speaking for myself, but I am really looking forward to warmer weather. In Virginia, we get a true sampling of all four seasons. We do not get the Minnesota winters where the weather dips below 0, or the Death Valley summers where temps top well over 100 every day. February and August do represent our version of those extremes though.

And I have to admit between the two, I'd have to pick summertime. I want my evenings back. If not, then I want all permission to hibernate through the rest of this winter. Just remind me in August when I'm talking about my preference for cooler weather what I'm declaring tonight. 

Bring on that hazy, hot, and humid. I'd much rather be posting this from my laptop on my back porch than huddled up in my living room trying to find the source of this persistent draft.

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