Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy Happens

You would think I've have more to write about, especially writing almost every day in February. Here it is almost May and I wrote one picture post in March between then and now. With springtime though, comes the usual business.

Yard work usually picks back up. Now I have to re add leaf clean up, stick pick up, and lawn mowing back into my weekly routines. Then the world decides it wants to go crazy.

This week we've seen an attack on innocent locals at the Boston Marathon, ricin attacks to national leaders from an Elvis impersonator (allegedly), a very large fertilizer plant explosion, and now the manhunt for one of those marathon bombers after the other was killed.

Events of this week will be discussed for a very long time. Conspiracy theorists are already brewing up ideas on how these events were caused by everything from government agents to aliens. You and I will continue on with our lives.

We cannot let reminders of evil in the world consume our world view. If there is just one take away when things get tragic it's that the good still far outnumber the bad. For every wrong minded person in the world with hateful rhetoric, a gun, or a bomb, there are thousands of us armed with kindness, respect, and goodwill to everyone.

The ball's in our court.