Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GMail To Add Tabbed Browsing - Why I'm Not So Impressed

Email has become quite a bit of a quandary for most people. Few want to spend any amount of time dealing with them and become quickly frustrated when they do need to actually find something. It can be like finding a piece of hay in a needle stack, as someone once said.

GMail's announcing a fairly innovative system of placing emails in tabs for easier access. Receipts would go under one tab, offers under another, social would go under another tab. This is a great way for people to separate those hundreds of emails and make things a little more organized. That works for most people, except in my case, it's kind of counter productive.

Actual Screenshot - True Fact

You see, in my case, I have zero emails. I consider keeping a load of emails an equivalent of hoarding. No, I'm not the perpetual loner that gets no emails. In fact I get dozens of emails every day. I do not store my emails in my all mail folder. I never have. Since I've signed up for my GMail account in 2005, I only keep emails when there is a tracking number involved or a coupon that I need to print out later.

I may be OCD when it comes to my email. I feel stressed whenever there are emails sitting in my All Mail. It represents incompletion and I tend to knock out any mail quick enough by either storing them elsewhere or just simply deleting them. I don't know how someone can live knowing they have four or five years worth of emails sitting on their person.

I don't need tabs. People just need to learn to manage their emails better. Since that day is never going to happen, I'll just continue to keep my email pristine thank you very much. As long as I can manage them with the goal of removing them from my life upon completion, I'll remain a very happy user. This is a good move by Google, it's just not applicable to me and hopefully it never will be.