Monday, November 11, 2013

Obligatory November Post

It is that time of year again. Every year about this time I typically take to the internet to complain about the leaves falling in my yard. This year is no exception. I have spent the past two weeks moving mountains of dead leaves into our front ditch for county removal.

I've also taken in a few walks around town. I took it upon myself to explore Richmond more since I have been a resident here for over eight years now. There are considerably more interesting places than I imagined and most all of them have been safe. Richmond does have a tendency of wearing it's violent reputation on its sleeve, but I have not feared for my life really at all since I moved here. In fact, I would dare say most of the stories I've heard have been based on misconceptions. Be safe and use common sense, but I have found most of the locals to be quite nice, hospitable, and plenty Southern.

The walking around Brown's Island, the Canal Walk, Belle Isle, Jackson/Madison Wards, the Capitol, even VCU have been enjoyable and educational. I have said often that this area is primed with historical data and I have learned a ton this year. Between the educational field trips, I hope the classes which resume in the sprint will help me continue to expand my mind. I feel like finally I am on the right course and everything is falling into place.

And yes, if anyone feels like tackling an ungodly amount of leaves, just give me a call. I have plenty to tackle. You can have them.