Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RIP Winamp 1999 - 2013

It looks like the llama finally prevailed and will no longer be getting its ass kicked.

Aol announced this week that they are going to end support for Winamp effective December 20th. Many of us used Winamp to play downloaded music that was stored on our computers. Over time, cloud services and portable media players made need for applications like this to become increasingly unnecessary.

I will personally miss the application, but I'll probably keep the last version installed on my computer. I remember spending my weekends with my friends in the mid 00's listening to music on Winamp. I would spend hours tweaking it with various plug ins to add bass or decompress the sound of my MP3's. It has always been part of my desktop music life and with this last download next month, that will be it for that chapter of third party music players.

I have to admit I have been using Google's All Access now since last fall and have enjoyed having most every song available on demand. I would recommend any music love to pick the best subscription service for them, be it Spotify, Google, Rdio, and others. I would not hold out any hope for a comeback from these desktop apps. Unless you're playing truly uncompressed FLAC files, it's time to change your way of thinking towards the cloud and services.

So long, Winamp, it's been an interesting 15 years. This all gives me a slight case of melancholy.

Source: Slashgear