Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Three Years and a Lifetime of Fortune

Our first Easter brunch in 2007

In 2005, I had to start over. I was 31, I was in a run down apartment in a terrible part of town. I was alone and I had no car. I relied on the kindness of strangers to get me to the grocery store and to work. I could never fully thank them for going out of their way to help me too. One day I will. 

In the middle of all of this chaos and rebirth I found someone who literally saved me. I found someone who restored my emotionally and in every way. I found a way to thrive again. She found me on MySpace of all places; she liked my style in music. She was intrigued to find a local tall male available in her area. She asked if we could meet. 

So we did.

We had several dates after several conversations and in May 2006, we were a couple. Everything was new again. I was sure my lot in life had been cast to be this wandering bachelor. I was apartment shopping in Texas and Florida. I found completeness in a way I never knew existed. I finally found my partner, my soulmate, my deepest best friend and keeper of my heart. 

We moved in together and eventually found a house in the north side of Richmond. We found a great neighborhood. We started to explore and enjoy everything that Richmond had to offer. We had fun. We were enjoying life. We grew closer every day. I wanted to keep her forever. 

So I did. 

In a dark tiny hotel room in Philadelphia is 2010, I proposed. She said yes. We began a new adventure. Life continued happening to us. We planned an eventual wedding, we worked, and a lot of time passed. Life was comfortable and happy.

We finally decided in 2012 to go ahead and get married. We found a local church, joined it, became familiar with locals in Lakeside and in October, we became husband and wife. In front of friends and family I vowed to devote the rest of my life loving honoring and protecting my bride. She promised the same for me. In front of God and man we began a new adventure as Mr and Ms Lewis. 

Life continues to happen. We have custody of our nephews, our lives center around theirs. The trials of life continue to show but we continue to bind together through the bad times and celebrate the good times. We try as hard as we can to slow down time so we can enjoy our lifetime together. 

This post is a celebration of me truly finding my way and my happiness through my beautiful wife Janine. My wish is that everyone finds their happiness and their life mate to enjoy it together.

So you must.